Site Map
The entry page
The location of the site, 250 metres west of London Bridge and the layout of the excavated area containing the Roman painted plaster.
A detailed account of the lifting of the fallen plaster from the first phase painting.
The cleaning and stabilisation of the fallen painted plaster and the development of the reconstruction of the original decorative scheme.
A study of the plasters, mortars and paints used, and of the techniques used in the construction of the first phase painting.
Dr.Roger Ling's account of the paintings and of their place in the art history of the Roman period.
The physical restoration and recreation of the first painting to enable its display at The Museum of London.
An introduction to the site and a short history of the excavation.
The second phase painting and its relationship to the first phase one.
The painting's future conservation and a proposed method for its disassembly.
Details of materials and suppliers
To all those who helped, encouraged and advised.