This, of course, confirms J.Brewer's findings as to the correct date of death, but now it raises another question, Fredericks date of birth. This has previously been believed to have been 1813. The certificate however states that Frederick's age at death was 45.

Although the evidence from the certificate might be thought to cast some doubt on the previously accepted date of Frederick's birth, the date of 1813 is born out both by the 1851 census and the inscription on his memorial stone.

The death was reported to the registrar by Dr.A.Maitand who had been in attendance on Frederick for eleven weeks, the certificate gives the cause of death as 'Cystic Disease of the Liver', a post mortem was performed.

'Cystic Disease of the Liver' is not normally a fatal disease and one wonders whether Frederick's use of extremely toxic chemicals such as Mercury(II)chloride played any part in his demise. However, it's worth noting that Frederick's sister Sarah and brother James also died very young.

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Frederick Scott Archer's Death Certificate

J.Brewer has established that the death of poor Frederick occured on the first of May 1857 and not the second as had previously been reported. When this came to my attention I amended the details on the web site and decided to get a copy of Archer's death certificate. This is shown below.